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• Large group seminars on cowflow, lameness, good stockmanship.
• Staff training for larger farms.
• On farm specific trainings and workshops – treatment, lameness management.
• All training backed by online resources.
• Trainings complemented with online courses for revision and certification 

These seminars can be presented at other venues in New Zealand or around the world. If you are a vet practice you can organise a seminar for your clients. We also run these seminars on farms for farm staff and for larger farming companies.

Renowned vet Neil Chesterton joined us for a series of events on reducing pressures on the foot – a key to reducing lameness

2 Day - Stamping Out Lameness Seminar

Cost: $1350 + GST
For more information contact Neil on 0272217712 or Contact Us. 
This is for recent graduates who want to get a "kick start" into treatment and prevention of lameness.
Dates for 2021 are 22nd and 23rd March in Inglewood
Contact us to organise one for your vet business
The "Stamping Out Lameness" seminars cover topics such as :

  • How to lift feet safely in all situations
  • How to sharpen and handle a knife
  • Identifying the main foot lesions
  • Treatment of all common types of lameness (theory and practical)
  • Causes of each type of lameness
  • Practical approach to investigate a lameness problem
  • Cow behaviour and lameness
  • Handling cattle to prevent lameness
  • Shed design and track construction to prevent lameness
  • Intravenous anaesthesia
  • Applying cowslips

3 Day - Stamping out Lameness and Healthy Hoof

This is run by DairyNZ with Neil presenting SOL and DairyNZ presenting Healthy Hoof
For more information on the next course email:
A comprehensive lameness training workshop for veterinarians who want to provide Healthy Hoof advisory services.

Seminars for Farmers

Held regularly in Inglewood and also can be held in various centres around New Zealand or on your own farm by request. These are usually one day seminars or three hour (evening) seminars.

ONE DAY Lameness Seminars

In a small group (maximum of 12 participants) you will cover a wide range of material on lameness.
Topics include:

  • Identification of main lesions
  • Treatment of main conditions
  • Prevention
  • How to sharpen a knife
  • Cow behaviour and lameness
  • Handling cattle to prevent lameness
  • Shed design and track construction
  • Cow flow
The seminar is a mix of illustrated talks, videos and practical sessions.

EVENING Seminars - "Understanding Lameness"
Expect to hear an interesting talk with lots of illustrations from farms like yours which bring the topic of lameness alive and will help you understand lameness and how it can be prevented. You will go home with good ideas.
Neil also is available for seminars on cow flow and management.
For more information or to request a seminar in your area - Contact Us.

Advanced Lameness Course for Farmers and Technicians
Two Day Farmer Workshop - "Stamping Out Lameness".
This is for farmers, technicians, extension officers and hoof trimmers who want to develop their lameness treatment skills and knowledge of lameness.
Next Dates: To be advised or on request.
Cost: $550 + GST
For more information and registration forms - Download Registration Form or Contact Us.

Low Stress Dairy Training

More farmers are realizing the importance of less stress on their farms, not only to reduce lameness but also for efficiency, good cow flow and staff and cow welfare.
This is a new practical and interactive seminar especially produced for training of farm staff on farms. The outcome is better well-being for cows and people on the farm.
Outline of the training:

  • Understanding people and what they know about working with cows.
  • Understanding cow behaviour and what the cow "thinks" about people.
  • Practical sessions working with cows.
  • Operating proceedures personalized for your farm.
For more information or to request a seminar in your area - Contact Us.

Seminars on Cow Flow

Neil also is available to talk about cow flow or to give a seminar covering cow behaviour, design of facilities and stockmanship to promote good cow flow.
For more information or to request a seminar in your area - Contact Us.

For Overseas Clients

Neil presents seminars on cow flow and comfort, cow behaviour, facility design and treatment of lameness as requested in different localities. Seminars have been presented in Argentina, Australia, Chile, Denmark, Ireland, Uruguay and UK.
For more information or to organise a seminar in your area - Contact Us.

Updated:  11/June/2018