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Understanding the Dairy Cow

(a course in 9 Modules)
with Neil Chesterton BVSc.

This is a stand alone course designed for anyone who has anything to do with dairy cows.

In this course you will learn all the basics that you need to know about the dairy cow in order to handle them with low stress to yourself and the cow! You will need this understanding as a basis for everything that you do with dairy cattle.

About the Low Stress Dairy e-learning courses:
Neil has been working to translate his seminar material into online versions which anyone can do in their own home. These courses contain many videos and stories of real life farmers to help you learn how to handle dairy cows. The added benefit of being registered in a learning management system is that you can receive a completion certificate for your CV.


Cost NZD $ 115 (incl GST in New Zealand)

Updated:  11/June/2018