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Stamping Out Lameness

With Neil Chesterton BVSc

This is a bundle of app driven e-learning courses where you can learn all about lameness in dairy cattle and get all the latest information. It includes:

"The 5 Point Plan to Reduce Lameness"

Neil Chesterton has been presenting SOL courses and seminars to farmers and vets world-wide for 25 years. These new online courses contain all this material and more. There are many videos and stories of real life farmers who have proved that the 5 Point Plan really works

In these courses you will learn all the basics that you need to know about lameness management, prevention and control.

There are 6 courses in the group:

  • Understanding Lameness Management
  • Lameness and Recording
  • Early Detection and Treatment
  • Injury Lameness Prevention 
  • Control of Foot Infections
  • Foot Health

Cost NZD $ 316.25 (incl GST in New Zealand)

"Stamping Out Lameness"

With Neil Chesterton BVSc.

Now available as individual courses.

Cost NZD $50 (incl GST in New Zealand) each

Updated:  11/June/2018