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Stamping Out Lameness Seminars
Now is the time to organise one.

Seminars, Trainings and Workshops

· Large group seminars on cowflow, lameness, good stockmanship.
· Staff training for larger farms.
· On farm specific trainings and workshops – treatment, lameness management.
· All training backed by online resources.
· Trainings complemented with online courses for revision and certification.
For more information and to organise your audit, investigation or training seminar
Contact Neil 0272217712

Updated:  10/Nov/2018 

Stamping Out Lameness Online courses

Now available as separate courses
“Understanding Lameness Management” 
“Lameness and Recording” 
“Early Detection and Treatment Part 1” 
“Early Detection and Treatment Part 2” 
“Injury Lameness Prevention”* 
Click here for more information or to purchase a course. (link to shop page at Online courses where the little courses are)